LOHM’s Global Speakers Bureau

The Ladies of Hope Ministries (The LOHM)

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LOHM's Global Speakers Bureau created by and for women affected by the criminal justice system.
Our speakers bureau offers professionally trained public speakers who:


  • address the impact of poverty, incarceration, and sexual violence on women and girls
  • share their the experience of arrest, incarceration, and reentry
  • offer compelling policy recommendations to transform the intersecting systems that comprise criminal justice
  • tell inspiring and deeply personal stories about their own journeys

The LOHM prepares, and provides tools for women to market themselves as public speakers and to be compensated for their public appearances. Built on the same entrepreneurial foundation as all our work, the LOHM prepares women to shift their own narrative from the story of "what happened" to one of renewal and the constructive role formerly incarcerated people can play in society.

Speaker Bureau

The Ladies of Hope Ministries (The LOHM)