The Ladies of Hope Ministries is working to end the crisis of poverty and incarceration of women and girls. We offer safe housing, reentry support, and advocacy programs that are grounded in the lived experiences, insights, and ideas of people with direct, lived experience with the criminal justice system. The LOHM was founded, and is led, operated by, and serves primarily women of color who understand the value and importance of new approaches to addressing behaviors that may arise as responses to trauma and violence.

The women we meet every day have a variety of service needs that range from basic survival such as safe shelter and food, employment and long-term sustainability in the community, and spiritual and existential needs.

Our Vision is EPIC – Ending Poverty and Incarceration of Women and Girls – and we address this crisis through our interrelated core mission program areas:



Hope House

Angel Food Delivery Service

Pathways 4 Equity


Advocacy & Engagement

EPIC Ambassadors/PPAP

Faces of Women Imprisoned

The Staff and Board of Directors

LOHM understands the value of proximate leadership. Our core team includes formerly incarcerated leaders and others with first-hand lived experience in the fields in which we work.

We pair this lived experience with technical and professional expertise, allowing us to address structural inequities that prevent the advancement of solutions developed by people closest to the communities being served.

Our staff's strong networks in their respective fields have allowed the LOHM to have an outsized impact with a small team.

We are entrepreneurs. At our core, we believe that reducing barriers and creating opportunities are often the most direct path towards true self-sufficiency and independence.

We are unstoppable. The barriers that our participants face can seem insurmountably high, but our staff model success and demonstrate what is possible when we pair access to opportunity with commitment and perseverance


Attachment 4Ebony

Ebony Young

Chief Operating Officer

Ebony Young is the Chief Operations Officer of the Ladies of Hope Ministries...

Kenya Headshot

Kenya Welch

Cheif Advancement Officer

Kenya Welch joins the LOHM as the Chief Advancement Officer with 20 years of experience in the fundraising and social justice spaces....

New Project

Luis Ramos

Director of Finance

Luis A. Ramos has over 8 years of financial management experience...

Attachment 2AmberKnee_Headshot (1)

Amber Knee

Director of Sustainability

Amber Knee is an urban planner and the Director of Sustainability with the Ladies of Hope Ministries (LOHM)...

Belinda Headshot

Belinda Fly

Human resources Consultant

Belinda Fly is the President, Founder, and Senior Consultant of HR,
Board & More – www.HRBoardMore.com – a for‐profit consulting....

Tamara Forrest

Tamara Rochell Forrest

HR Project Manager

Tamara joins the The LOHM team as the HR Project Manager. She leverages past experience and understanding...

Katharine Nephew

Katharine Nephew

Katharine Nephew, LCSW is a criminal justice reform advocate, producer and clinician who has worked in crisis settings for over two decades in NYC.


Whitney Miller

Agency Administrative Assistant

Whitney was born into a family that valued standing up against injustice no matter how impossible...

Attachment9Christopher Michael

Christopher Michael

Personal Assistant to the Executive Director

Christopher provides hands on support to the Executive Director to ensure her life runs seamlessly...

Tania Wesley Headshot

Tania Wesley

Community Engagement & FOWI Logistics Manager

Tania Wesley is the Community Engagement & FOWI Logistics Manager for the Ladies of Hope Ministries (LOHM)....

Kate Emmons

Kate Emmons

Communications and Research Manager

Kate has a passion for gender empowerment and equity that has taken her across the globe. In South Africa,..

Starling Headshot

Starling Thomas

Digital Communications Manager

Starling Thomas has been impacted by the criminal legal system by witnessing her mother brutally beat at the hands of police as a child and then being wrongfully incarcerated as an adult. She appealed her case while incarcerated and is part of the 2% of the American prison population that wins their federal case on appeal.....

Patricia Lewis (2)

Patricia Lewis

Faces of Women Imprisoned Program Director

At the age of sixteen, Trish and her God-sister enlisted in the United States Army. A year later, they found themselves at bootcamp, taking orders and marching in formation like cattle...

Arlene headshot

Arlene Benavidez

Program Manager- Pathways for Equity

Arlene has a Master of Arts degree in Higher Education from the University of Arizona, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with a minor in Spanish from Arizona State University....

Kiffa Headshot

Kiffa Brathwaite

Angel Food Project Program Manager

Kiffa Brathwaite, is the Program Manager for the Angel Food Project. She brings over 10 years of experience in the non-profit sector, of which three years were spent fighting food insecurity in New York City.....

Tonja Headshot

Tonja Honsey

EPIC Program Manager

Tonja Honsey is a revolutionary mother, an incarceration survivor, and a community healer. She has worked as a grassroots organizer since 2003. She uses her lived experience to advocate for the change that is needed to restore our communities from the trauma of mass incarceration....

Rachel Hanover

Rachel Hanover

Hope House Program Manager

Rachel Hanover is the Hope House Program Manager with the Ladies of Hope Ministries (LOHM).....

Attachment7Karen Morrison (1)

Karen Dickson-Morrison

EPIC Inside Coordinator

In 2014, Karen discovered her passion for justice upon learning her dear friend was serving life in prison for a first-time, nonviolent drug offense. ...


Dr. Eleanor Moody Shepherd

Dr. Eleanor Moody Shepherd

Faith Leach

Faith Leach

Isabel Wilkinson

Isabel Wilkinson

Keia Clarke

Keia Clarke

Linda White Andrews

Linda White Andrews

Paula Dolan

Paula Dolan

Toney Earl, Jr.

Toney Earl, Jr.

Topeka K. Sam Executive Director

Topeka K. Sam Executive Director


Callie Chamberlain