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Overview – The U.S. Commission on Human Rights authored a comprehensive report on the Federal Civil Rights Protections for Incarcerated women and pinpoints issues that require improved intervention…Read More

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Food Insecurity and Collateral Consequences of Punishment Amidst the COVID‐19 Pandemic

SNAP and TANF restrictions provide a useful window into the insidious and spiteful nature of some collateral consequences of criminal ...
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The Sentencing Project

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant has signed criminal justice reform legislation that will ease reentry for people returning home from prison. Among the ...
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Food for thought: Prison food is a public health problem

Research confirms that prison food is not just gross; it is often nutritionally inadequate. A recent report from Washington provides ...
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Connections 2018

A guide for formerly incarcerated peoplein New York City, Twenty-Third Edition. Connections was first created in 1982 by Steve Likosky, ...
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